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Do Minato seems like he doesn't have enough Courage? Not enough Charm? Maybe his Academics needs to be improved?
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  • [PRIMARY] Works as a waiter at Fran's restaurant.
  • Generally open to help out in tasks, as long it doesn't conflict with his shifts (aka IC excuses/reasons why he doesn't always volunteer)

  • Evoker
  • 1H Sword
  • MP3 player + Fuuka's designed headphones
  • Porring - Named Aomaru or Ao. Joined him after the Porring quest.
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 [For any private messages delivered by messenger birds.]
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[Death Repercussions Tracking Thread]
1. Hitori Kakurenbo
2. Valentine's
3. Labyrinth
4. Killnato
5. Halloween. Death by suffocation from costume.
6. Little Finger
7. Sleeping in Poppy Field
8. Killed by Kyoko [Rebellion Event]
10. Infiltration
11. Jasonbusters. OOC results post.
12. Heel event. Killed by Jason -> revived by Ryoji -> died again.
13. New roommate - Killed by Avenger
14. Tower of Jenova. Sephiroth's killswitch.

1. Handmade choker (Magician S.Link memento, Kenji's gift)
2. Persimmon fruit (Hierophant S.Link memento, Old Couple's gift)
3. Sports Tape (Chariot S.Link memento, Kaz's gift)
4. Manga (Justice S.Link memento, Chihiro's gift)
5. Winter casual clothes

- Two Three set of spare clothes
- SEES armband
- Sword (1H)
- Evoker
- MP3 player
- 2 1 pair of headphones (Audio-Technica, model: ATH-EM700 SV & one made by Fuuka) [NOTE: Audio Technica lost during the Whale Attack CRYING)
- Jack Frost plushie
- Tarot cards (admin gift)
- Shoebox diorama, shadow figures of SEES fighting against Shadows and suffering bloody deaths (admin gift)
- Small carry bag, hand-sewn (gift)
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Due to his experiences in [livejournal.com profile] underworldwars/[community profile] tartarusnet, as well as being able to carry over his memories into [community profile] towerofanimus, Minato found himself discovering spoilers.

This post list all the important information he learned, particularly things that happens after his canon point.

CONTEXT: Canon point is October 2nd. Spent 11~ months in the Underworld, before coming to the Tower.

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If I miss anyone, let me know! And feel free to suggest an arcana for your character, too! NOTE: As a reminder, Minato's canon point is currently October 2nd.
Name: Self-explanatory
Rank: Ranging from 1-10, 10 being MAXED and represent an unbreakable bond.
Information: About the character, plus Minato's thoughts.

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Fic: Mall

Mar. 1st, 2011 09:21 am
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He's been at the Velvet Mall for a while, and became more and more aware of the differences between the worlds.

Worlds where his experiences was different, or stay the same but with minor changes. Worlds without talking to Theodore, but to his sister, Elizabeth.

He's curious about Theo's older sister, but it wouldn't be the same without the male assistant around. To talk, to show him parts of his world, going through the compendium together for the Persona he need, and want to know more about. To correct and teach him. Being his friend. Out of all the people he knows, he have a special fondness for Theo.

He cared about all of his friends, but Theo's...Theo.

And...there's the times where he spot her.

Minako. His sister. An alternate of her.

It was a shock, when he saw one of her walking by and Minato just stopped and only watched her. So out there, she survived the accident with him? Or without him? How was her life? She's wearing Gekkoukan High's girl uniform, so she's attending there...was she also a part of SEES?

He have yet to talk to one of them. Maybe he should, once he saw the opportunity for it. Even if she's not from his world, Minato would like to talk to Minako again.

"...A box of takoyaki, please."

After getting his order, Minato glanced around for Theo. He want to share them with him, after all.

Minako...in a strange place like this mall, maybe he'll get a chance to talk to her, soon. It's been ten years...would it feel like talking to family, or to a stranger? (Family...) After so long, would he know what to say? Even if he seems like he knows what to say, Minato's honestly stumped when it comes to her.

"Theo." He found him talking to a demon, smiling a bit when the assistant seems like he's proving himself to be knowledgeable. "I got takoyaki for us."
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The following are information for when Minato's accepted into a game. For the DR, please assumed that his Personas are generally high leveled endgame ones.

Despite not using him in battle for a while, Minato still have Orpheus. Just wait until he get Orpheus Telos

COURAGE: Badass (Rank 6, MAXED)
CHARM: Popular (Rank 6, MAXED)
ACADEMICS: Genius (Rank 6, MAXED)

Physicals: Slash, Strike, Pierce
Elements: Fire (Agi), Ice (Bufu), Elec (Zio), Wind (Garu), Dark (Mudo), Light (Hama)
Other: Non-Elemental (Megido), ailments, buffs (-kaja), debuffs (-nda), healing (Dia), restore KO (Recarm)
NOTE: Ma- prefix means the spell targets the entire party/group, except for the healing spells (party target healing use Me-, unless it's Salvation). Dekaja/Dekunda removes the buffs/debuffs on the enemies/party, respectively.

(As of October 2nd)

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Primarily based on observations from P3 FES, along with gameplay mechanics. Feel free to disregard them for roleplay outside of the DR.

NOTE: Any references to the AU (Theo working with Minato) only apply to the DR.

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At a glance, Minato doesn't seem that much different from any other of his alternate counterparts. He came back to Port Island after ten years since his parents died, got recruited into SEES and became the leader in battle.

Between trips into Tartarus and keeping up with his studies, he spend time with his friends and people who are his Social Links, fulfilling requests for Theodore...

Yes, [livejournal.com profile] velvetbutler .

Instead of Elizabeth, Theodore, or Theo, is the assistant tending to Minato, and thus form a friendship with their guest. The more Minato fulfilled the requests and whenever Theo asks to 'hang out' and learn about the world, the closer they get over time.
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